Founded in 2016, Open Arms Hospice is a community-based organization committed to providing the highest quality hospice care to patients, their families, and close friends throughout the following counties:
Oakland, Washtenaw, Wayne, Livingston and Macomb.
We care for terminally ill patients with a wide range of illnesses including cancer, advanced cardiac disorders, advanced neurological disorders, AIDS, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis and any end stage disease.


Open Arms Hospice program works diligently to assist our patients in managing diagnosis-related symptoms to have the utmost dignified process of living their remaining days with peace and comfort at their place of residence, where the family legacy can be passed onto the next generation.

At Open Arms Hospice we are committed to enable and facilitate the best quality of life, which allows patients to remain in the comfort of their own homes or at their present place of residence. In order to sustain our target to be the best hospice care in Oakland county we have handpicked all our clinicians in order to deliver compassionate and dignity driven care to our patients.

Our care aims to capture, body, mind, and spirit of the patient and the immediate family. Open Arms Hospice has a team of professionals, comprised of nurses, home health aides, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. We thrive to provide the patient with all of the physician’s prescribed medication to address symptoms related to the end of life diagnosis. Under the direction of the patient’s physician and our medical director, the team follows a personalized plan of physical, emotional and spiritual care. The plan is continually reviewed and adapted to meet the patients’ changing needs.

The team includes, but not limited to:

A Physician to provide services complementing the attending physician care and supervising all clinical care of the patient. Assuring overall continuity of the hospice medical services; and assuring that the patient receives appropriate measures to control uncomfortable symptoms.

A Nurse to visit as often as needed to ease pain and relieve symptoms. The Nurse also teaches caregivers to care for the patient at home.

A Hospice Aide to provide personal care including bathing, changing linens and helping with housework.

A Social Worker to help the patient and family to cope with the stresses of the illness. The Social Worker also assists with financial and insurance issues. Connects the patient and Family to available community resources.

A Pastoral Care Counselor to advise and assist on Spiritual Issues.

A Volunteer who helps with a wide range of activities of daily living.

Our Services

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