In working with case managers, it is our belief that exceptional hospice care at home can only be provided by caring, compassionate and professional staff. We foster these qualities in our clinicians and support staff. Let us assist you in providing a comfortable transition for your patient and their families.

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1If I call you with a referral how soon will I get an answer if you accept?
If a referral is called in we will do a check on eligibility for Medicare immediately. Once approved we will send an admissions nurse to do a start of care (SOC) on the patient within an hour , up to maximum 24 hours.
2How do you determine which referrals you will take?
We take ALL Medicare patients that are eligible.
3Do I have to fax you the referral forms or will someone come pick them up?
We can have the referral forms faxed to us at: 248-516-3979 and also utilize this web option for a staff member of Open Arms Hospice to pick up the referrals.
4Do you pick up referrals over the weekend and holidays?
Yes we pick up referrals around the clock. Hospice is considered a 24-hour service that works 365 days.
5What paperwork do you require to accept a referral?
We require: Order for Hospice Services written by the physician Face Sheet with all the patient’s demographics Medicare number History and Physical Medication list
6Are your community liaisons credentialed?
Community liaisons are credentialed to enter multiple hospitals and health care facilities throughout Metro Detroit.
7What are your protocols to control pain, infections?
Once the Case Manager assesses the patient’s pain level and /or infection the CM then relays all the information to our medical director. After that, our medical director will determine what type of medication is appropriate for that patient.
8Do you resuscitate her/him?
In hospice, a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) does not have to be in place. We are obliged, though, to try and resuscitate the patient. If a patient does have a DNR in place, we will let nature take its course and let the patient pass peacefully.
9Where do you provide services?
Service is provided in the Detroit metro area, concentrated in west Oakland county, north-west Wayne county and Livingston county. We have a 30-mile radius from our headquarters in Novi.
10Is care available 24/7?
Yes, we provide care for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year.


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We’ll give you a call to complete the process and get more information about the patient. However, the decision to enter hospice is always that of the patient (or the decision maker on their behalf)

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